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A Timeline of relevence to Everlaen in Dale Reckoning (DR).

  • -9000: End of the Fifth Crown War.
  • -8600: Evereska founded in secret.
  • -3983: The birth of the city of Cormanthor.
  • 1 Year of Sunrise:The Standing Stone is raised by the elves of Cormanthyr and the Dalesfolk. Start of the Dale Reckoning calender.
  • 220 Year of the Sword Violets: Coronal Eltargrim Irithyl opens the forest of Cormanthor to N'Tel'Quess.
  • 261 Year of the Soaring Star: Cormanthor becomes the unified city of Myth Drannor.
  • 244 Year of the Elfsands: Evereska's existence is uncovered by the N'Tel'Quess for the first time.
  • 714 Year of Doom: Myth Drannor falls under seige by the Army of Darkness.
  • 1355 Year of the Harp: Elven retreat from Cormanthor its peak.
  • 1356 Year of the Worm: Elven retreat from Cormanthor becomes public.
  • 1357 Year of the Prince: Mydran Silverglade sets out from Sembia to make his fortune.
  • 1358 Year of Shadows: The Time of Troubles: Gods walk Toril. Destruction of Bane, Bhaal, Gilgeam, Myrkul and other deities. Ascendancy of Cyric and Mystra. Dead Magic and wild magic areas appear.
  • 1362 Year of the Helm: Corellon appears to Mydran and Selenne. Amtar becomes the first to join the Circle.
  • 1363 Year of the Wyvern: Everlaen founded.
  • 1364 Year of the Wave: Battle of the Bleeding Snows.
  • 1365 Year of the Sword: Cormanthor officially joins the Circle.
  • 1366 Year of the Staff: Chondalwood is recolonised by wild elven tribes from Cormanthor and joins the Circle.

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