The High Forest is an ancient place, if rumours are correct predating even the presence of elves in the North. The tree men, or treants have always lived here, the very personification of the forest as a sentient being, tending the trees and keeping out the worst of those who would harm the forest. Today, the only known concentration of treants in the High Forest are the treants of the Woods of Turlang, an area along the northern borders of the forest. The are reported to be lead by a truelly ancient individual, who gives his name to the woods and guards the area fiercely. Recently with the destruction of Hellgate Keep, the treants have been reported to have moved, or at least been seen roaming around more than usual, their numbers larger than previously suspected. Entire tracts of woodlands have been marched out of the forest and now cling to the shattered site of Hellgate Keep, the forest expanding literally overnight to reclaim it`s eastern borders. It is said that Turlang and his fellows plan to rejoin the borders of the High Forest with other ancient remnants of forests that once stretched across the entire north and found a forest kingdom of their own. Others say they have taken it upon themselves to guard the evil which was Hellgate and never let what sleeps there be disturbed again. Whatever the case, nearly all who have ventured close to find the truth have been turned away or have found themselves lost and wandering in a maze of trees and the trees themselves are not talking.

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