Public Knowledge

Founded less than a decade ago, Everlaen is a community of elves, mostly of the moon variety, who have emigrated from the far off forest of Cormanthor. Founded around an ancient artifact known as the Door, the purpose of Everlaen`s sudden arrival in the High Forest is unknown. The name of the village bears a distinct resemblance to Earlann a vanished kingdom of elves which once occupied almost the same region as in which the new settlement is now located. Some beleive that the elves are wishing to rekindle the long dead ashes of their kingdom and once again create a nation within the High Forest. Others beleive that the Door is simply one of many artifacts which link together to make a network of magical portals across Faerun and the elves are seeking some kind of tactical or trade advantage with it. Others have heard rumours that the elves are on a holy crusade of some sort, though the exact nature is unclear. One of the most popular theories is that elven ruins from Earlann have been discovered in the area and village has been established to provide a local base for their exploration and removal of ancient and powerful magics. A final rumour speak of more sinister purposes for the group. Outcasts rather than colonists this is the last outpost of evil sorcerers and undead desperate to wrest control from the legitimate leaders of the elven nations. Only time will tell what this new group`s true intentions are.

Player Knowledge

Preferably, I'd like one or more players to fill in stuff here.



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