Everlaen is not the only elven settlement in the High Forest. Through the southern reaches of the forest exist scattered and largely isolated communities of wild elves. Mostly nomadic and mostly numbering no more than fifty in a group they are difficult to find and keep largely to themselves. The total estimation of of how many elves are in the High Forest is not accurate, but it is guessed at somewhere over two thousand and under five. Mostly refusing any contact with the outside world, the tribes in general are reclusive to all but each other and certain woodland entities, the Sylvan Churchs being a notable exception. Most recently famous for concluding a war of extermination which effectively has driven all orcs out of the southern forest. Where this elves are coming from is somewhat of a mystery. Some say they have been there all along, but well hidden since the fall of Earlann and hence gone unnoticed. Others say they have been drifting in for the last couple of centuries from other surrounding woods under attack seeking a safer place. Still others claim they are elves who have returned from Evermeet to found a new kingdom. The truth is more likely that in fact the tribes are too disparate to have any single unifying aim.

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