Wild elves are also known as wood elves, green elves, copper elves, sylvan elves or Sy'Tel'Quessir. This race of elves are sometimes thought to actually be two seperate races, the wood and the wild. However, actually they are one, but have rather different cultures. Generally, the Sy'Tel'Quessir who live in more northern climes and closer other elven civilisations are commonly known as wood elves. Those from the more isolated southern climes who live in more 'primative' way are known as wild elves. The two terms are somewhat interchangable though.

Sy'Tel'Quessir have coppery skins with green tinges. Their eyes are brown, green or hazel and usually have green flecks. Their hair is usually brown or black, with blond and coppery-red occassionally.

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