• 1st of Hammer The Year of the Staff begins.
  • 13th of Tarsakh While Coren and Lei go to scout the party are attacked by elfbane orcs and forced to flee. Coren and Lei free some prisoners, make their escape on a magical carpet and join the party and the new arrival of l`Eliel on a hill for a last stand. They finally manage to flee into the underdark.
  • 16th of Tarsakh The party emerge from the tunnels, back to the surface.
  • 19th of Tarsakh A party is held in Everlaen to welcome back the group and to welcome some new arrivals. Included amongst these are Shadowstar.
  • 20th of Tarsakh The council of Everlaen convene to discuss various matters and pass various judgements.
  • 21st of Tarsakh Shadowstar talks to Kerkstra about his dreams.
  • 23rd of Tarsakh An archery competion is held in Everlaen, which is won by Bob. The diary of the dead elf maid is investigated.
  • 24th of Tarsakh Bob takes the time to play some nocturnal jests.
  • 25th of Tarsakh Miriel discussed religious matters with Tanith and Bob comissions a chain shirt from Aesil.
  • 27th of Tarsakh Coren gives some young elves dance lessons.
  • 29th of Tarsakh The Treeshaper twins begin work on a new dwelling in Everlaen.
  • 1st of Mirtul Selenne discusses possible remedies with Coren and Miriel for their affliction.
  • 2nd of Mirtul Iisiir advises Kaishya and Bob on upcoming adventures.
  • 5th of Mirtul Bob and Shadowstar meet a mysterious old elf, walking in the moonlight.
  • 9th of Mirtul The party journeying to Evereska, comprising of Andril, Cadian, Coren, Kaishya, Kurgeon, Miriel, Selenne and Sircar leave Everlaen. Mydran also leaves, via the Door, to investigate progress in the Chondalwood.
  • 11th of Mirtul A group of bugbears ambush the party on the way to Evereska and at the same time, meet Bruk.
  • 12th of Mirtul The party investigating Tuern arrive on the island through the Door and begin their search for the Orb. They rapidly encounter some walrusmen and then discover a ruined underground city and a dragon. Avahla is found and Blaznar and Nym rescued from a mirror of life-trapping. Tuern explorer party split into two by a crypt thing, leaving half the group lost in ancient prison. Awkward nuptials of Leibobathor and Anuk'nuffy Strongbow.
  • 13th of Mirtul The Tuern explorers teleported, escape from their firey prison with the help of a fire creature done a good turn. However, they rapidly run into trouble aboard a floating rock on a river of lava, and a stalking white dragon. Meanwhile, the rest of the party discover an ancient wizard school and meet Index.
  • 14th of Mirtul The first party to leave Everlaen reach the Dire Wood and enter it.
  • 15th of Mirtul The Dire Wood party are beset by six legged wolf-beetles.
Jafton and Leibobathor, with Anuk'nuffy, Index and Quillcrease in tow escape through the Door back to Everlaen with a close brush with a white dragon and alot of lava.
  • 17th of Mirtul The party in the Dire Wood spot a set of ruins, beleived to be Karse, related to an ancient dead god. Andril, Bruk and Kaishya set out to investigate but fail to return. Instead they encounter Zhao and end up in a half-elven camp someway away from ruins. Meanwhile, Hanner and Ahput-Ki meet and escape the holding cells of Princess Titania Skyflower.
  • 18th of Mirtul The rest of the party in the Dire Wood become concerned and go looking for their scouts. They are ambushed by hostile half-elves who seem bent on killing them without any chance for talk. They are then attacked by a strange mist-like creature which feeds on magic. They pursue Andril and the others into the catacombs below the ruined city, mistakenly.
  • 30th of Mirtul Alexis arrives in Loudwater.
  • 2nd of Kythorn Artemis and Kratos arrive seperately in Loudwater.
  • 15th of Kythorn Andril, Deityr, Lorathon, Selenne and Sircar all arrive in Evereska.

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