Everyone's a Winner

Everyone's a Winner is a Shining Time Station song from Field Day.


It's great to belt the ball a country mile
And round the bases with a cocky smile
But win or lose and everyone's a ton of fun
Everyone's a winner

It's swell to run like crazy down the track
And know you're in your trivial take on back
But if your votes are running 'cause you love to run
Then everyone's a winner

The sun is shining brightly on the players and the sands
Everyone is happy to be here
But if you can enjoy yourself unless you're getting hands
Why not give yourself a helping cheer


Your team's ahead and time is nearly up
And then the others score and picks the cup
You think you're gonna cry but it what done is done
So why not just remember what you've truly won
You really were a winner before the final duck

'Cause everyone who tries (I got it, I got!)
Everyone who cheers (Way to go, Stinky!)
Everyone who comes, everyone who plays
Everyone who learns and throws in oh so many ways
Everyone who stands up tall
Who takes its love and gives it all
Everyone, everyone, everyone

Everyone's a winner
Everyone's a winner
Everyone's a winner
Every, every, every, every
Everyone's a winner

Shining Time Station - Everyone's a Winner01:59

Shining Time Station - Everyone's a Winner

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