• Sulley (from Monsters, Inc.) as Furline Huskie


Sulley: (spoken) Hello there. I'm getting ready to go out. Yeah, I like to look my best so I always wash up first. Yeah, I bet you do that, too. And I bet you brush your teeth too just like I do. Yeah. (chuckling) Oh, and there's something I bet you do, too. Yeah. Yeah. I bet you do this. Hey, why don't you pretend you have a comb in your hand now and we'll do it together? Okay? Heh, ready? Here we go.
(singing) Comb your face.
Comb your nose.
Comb your ears,
and your elbows
and your toes.
Before you head the street,
you'll be looking nice and neat
if you only take the time
to comb your feet.
Comb up and down
and your side
and you better not forget.
Comb behind your ears
and you haven't seen a ship.
Comb your waist.
Comb your wrist.
Comb your head
and your knuckles
and your fist.
Comb your tummy
and your knee,
so that everyone can see
what a pretty little monster
you can be.
Yeah, what a really pretty monster
you can be.
Oh, what a pretty monster
you can be.
(chuckling) (spoken) Yeah. Whoa! Now that's what I called looking good. (chuckling and scatting)

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