• Oswald (from Oswald) as Big Bird
  • The Ferocious Beast (from Maggie and the Ferocious Beast) as Snuffy
  • Robin the Frog (from The Muppets) as Gus


Oswald: Welcome to The Fercious Beastly Puppet Show starring Mr. Ferocious Beast's dummy puppet, Robin the Frog. Come on out and say hello to everybody, Robin!

Robin the Frog: Hello to everybody, Robin!

Oswald: Well, what's today's show about, Robin?

Robin the Frog: Today's show is about rhyming. Rhymes are words that sound the same and I even have a rhyming song that I'm going to sing on today's show and I made it up. Hmmm.

Oswald: Oh, a song that rhymes, eh, Chuckie?

Robin the Frog: Yes. Rhymes are words that sound the same.

Oswald: Yeah, I know. Okay, well, what's your song that rhymes called, Robin?

Robin the Frog: It's called my rhyming song and I made it up.

Oswald: Oh, so you made it up? Well, okay, ladies and gentlemen, here's Robin the Frog singing his very own rhyming song.

Robin the Frog: (spoken) Which I made it up! Hit it!
(singing) This is my rhyming song!
It isn't very long, la, long, la, la, la, la, la, long!
(spoken) Thank you, thank you very much! You see, song and long. Great rhymes I know because I made them up.

Oswald: But is that all of Robin's rhyming song? The Ferocious Beast, it seems awfully short.

The Ferocious Beast: Uh, you'd better ask Robin about that, Oswald. He makes up the songs. I just do the arrangements.

Oswald: Oh, right. Ahem. Uh, Robin?

Robin the Frog: Yes, Mr. Oswald?

Oswald: Well, do you know any rhyming songs that are longer than that one?

Robin the Frog: Oh, yes, Mr. Oswald. You want a longer rhyming song?

Oswald: Well, yes, I think it might be nice.

Robin the Frog: (spoken) Okay. You got it! Hit it!
(singing) Here's another rhyming song for you!
It's a regular hullabaloo!

Oswald: Hmmmm, "You" and "Hullabloo". Good rhyme.

Robin the Frog: It has a lot of rhymes
like blue and glue
not to mention
new and shoe.

Oswald: Blue and glue?

Robin the Frog: Blue and clue,
and Buckaroo
and Kalamazoo
Long tale true
an Irish stew.

Oswald: Well, I did asked for a longer song.

Robin the Frog: Taboo, Peru,
a bear named Pooh
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
Pernu, Pursue and hot lagoon.

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