• Mama Bear (from The Berenstain Bears) as Blanche the Polar Bear


Mama Bear: (giggles) Oh boy, oh boy. Look at all these colors I've found. I've never seen so much color in all my little bear life. And guess what? I can make even more colors by putting these colors together. It's unbelievable.
(singing) Just three colors
Red and yellow and blue
Enough to make a rainbow
for me and for you.
Just three colors
Mix them up and see
All of the pretty colors we can be.
(gasp) Red and yellow make orange.
Yellow and blue make green.
Blue and red make purple
fit for a royal queen.
Just three colors
how they mix and grow
Making every pretty color
that we know.
Whee! (giggles)
With these colors,
how the world will shine.
Now there's new excitement
in this world of mine.
Just three colors
that is all I need
to have every single color,
yes, indeed.
Bright light grassy green.
Sweet soft pretty pink.
Roly poly pumpkin.
Or a deep dark blue like ink.
All those colors
come from just these three.
And now these colors all
belong to me.

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