• The Ferocious Beast (from Maggie and the Ferocious Beast) as Snuffy
  • Jake (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) as Big Bird


The Ferocious Beast: Oh, is there anything more wonderful than the letter L, Jake?

Jake: The Ferocious Beast, I don't think there's anything more lovely than the lovely letter L.

The Ferocious Beast: Oh, look how pretty it is, Jake. One line going straight down and another line going straight out.

Jake: Ah, well, I know you must really love that letter L or you couldn't have written a song about it, The Ferocious Beast.

The Ferocious Beast: Oh, I can't wait to sing it for you, Jake.

Jake: And I can't wait to hear it. I'll sit here.

The Ferocious Beast: L is for lots of things
I like to do.
Like leaping over logs
and looking at you
And lolly down the lane
and lying on the lawn.
Look up at leaves.
Yes, L is for lots of things
I like to do.
Like looking at a lake
and munch with
lovely thoughts of you.
And leaping to the library
I never could resist.
Listen to my list
and you'll learn
why I insist
L is the leading letter
I couldn't love it better
L is the leading letter
of my life!

Jake: Oh, Ferocious Beast. Ferocious Beast! Wow! You were sensational!

The Ferocious Beast: Oh, but did you like it, Jake?

Jake: Oh, who wouldn't? And they're gonna love your Padukka.

The Ferocious Beast: (laughing) Yeah.

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