• Zach Varmitech (from Wild Kratts) as Oscar the Grouch
  • Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) as Telly Monster
  • Janice (from The Muppets) as Ruthie
  • Genie (from Aladdin) as Genie
  • King Roland II (from Sofia the First) as Gordon
  • Phoebe Callisto (from Miles from Tomorrowland) as Maria
  • Magellan (from Eureeka's Castle) as Big Bird
  • Clifford (from Clifford the Big Red Dog) as Snuffy
  • Wanda Li (from The Magic School Bus) as Lexine
  • Velma (from Scooby-Doo) as Linda
  • Mrs. Polina Polie (from Rolie Polie Olie) as Celina


Tigger: Zach! Zach! Aahhh!

Zach Varmitech: What?

Tigger: Are you going to share, Zach?

Zach Varmitech: Well, as a matter of fact, I am.

Janice: Great!

Zach Varmitech: But there is another problem.

Genie: Oh, what now?

Zach Varmitech: Now look, look. I'm not trying to give you a hard time or anything. But frankly, I can't think of anything Tigger and I both like enough to share.

Tigger: Oh, come on, Zach. We should be able to think of something. Please?

Zach Varmitech: Well, Tigger, after all, I'm still a bad guy and you're still a nice bouncing tigger.

Tigger: You know, Genie? Zach does have a point!

Genie: Oh no!

Zach: It's useless, I tell ya. The party's over. Why don't you all get lost?

Janice: That's it!

Tigger: What's it?

Janice: Why don't you both wish to give Genie a get lost party?

Tigger: A get lost party?

Janice: Yeah. I mean, you like parties, right, Tigger?

Tigger: Oh, I love them!

Janice: Aha! And you like to tell people to get lost, don't you, Zach

Zach Varmitech: Well, it's my favorite thing to do.

Janice: Well, then wish it!

Zach Varmitech: Hmmmm....that sounds so crazy.

Tigger: It just might work!

Janice: Okay. Ready, set, wish!

Zach Varmitech and Tigger: We wish to give Genie a get lost party!

Genie: Your wish is my command! Shazam!

Phoebe Callisto: Hey, what's going on?

Mrs. Polina Polie: Beats me.

Janice: Let's party.

Tigger: Yeah! Let's party!

Zach Varmitech: Get lost!

Tigger: Party!

Zach Varmitech: Get lost!

Tigger: Party!

Genie: You know you make me wanna (Yell!)
Lift your hand up and (Yell!)
Life the other hand up and (Yell!)
Lift your knee up and (Yell!)
Now lift the other knee (Yell!)
Lift your foot up (Yell!)
Lift the other foot (Yell!)
Put your foot back down (Yell!)
Do you remember?

Everyone: Shooby-dooby-dooby-dooby.
Yes, we remember.

Genie: Come on and shout (Yell!)
Come on and shout (Yell!)
Come on and shout (Yell!)
a little bit louder now (Yell!)
a little bit louder now (Yell!)
I can't hear you now (Yell!)
Lift your hand up (Yell!)
Lift your hand up (Yell!)
Now lift your knee up (Yell!)
Lift your foot up (Yell!)
Lift left knee up (Yell!)
at the same time (Yell!)
Lift your hand up (Yell!)
Come on and louder now (Yell!)
a little bit louder now (Yell!)
a little bit louder now (Yell!)
Come on in here (Yell!)
Come on in here (Yell!)
Louder and louder now (Yell!)
Very louder now (Yell!)
Come on in here (Yell!)
Let me hear you sing (Yell!)
Come on and yell now (Yell!)
Let me hear you sing (Yell!)

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