Amy and Daisy were evicted from their dorm because Buddy said that he owned it. So now they're looking for a new place to stay.

So Amy and Daisy set out to find a new home

It's gonna be tough for hedgehog and a princess on their own

Here's a little house

Aw Amy's stickin' her foot in

Well that's a bad idea dude

'Cuz now Birdo thinks you're a jerk Amy!

And now they're chillin' on the side of a hill

Thinkin' living in a cloud would be totally thrillin'

Unless they find somethin' inside

Like a mean Fox man and his beautiful Vixen bride

A beehive OH NO!!

Don't put your foot in there guy!

Ya'll tried that before

And you know that it didn't turn out right!

Big shell, go inside

Look around, it seems alright

Kirby jumps out, BARFS META KNIGHT!!

Throwin' down potions for food and fire!

You know you should've stayed and fought that sexy MySims guy

Daisy was feeling terrified and was super scared of his MySims bite

Which is understandable 'cuz MySims are really powerful

They're unreasonable and burnt out on dealing with people

Oh Buddy! Why are you so mean?

Buddy: I'm not mean, I'm 13 years old and I just lost track of my moral code!

Oh Buddy! Can't you see these girls are in pain?

Buddy: No I can't, I'm invested in this very cute video game!

So there go our girls walkin' on the icy ground

Headin' towards their destiny, I'm sure they'll figure something out


  • Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog) as Finn
  • Daisy (Mario Bros.) as Jake
  • Buddy (MySims) as Marceline
  • Birdo (Mario Bros.) as the Bird
  • Fox (StarFox) as the Cloud Man
  • Krystal (StarFox) as the Cloud Bride
  • Kirby (Kirby) as the Frog
  • Meta Knight (Kirby) as the Tiger


  • This is actually kind of a Fionna and Cake (genderbent Finn and Jake) parody
  • Not all of the lines rhyme
  • Buddy isn't technically completely out of character because Marceline isn't usually into scaring people

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