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Evil! is the third episode of The Campbells. The 30% Army is commencing "Operation Landmark Revamp", involving removing WHQ at the top of Daubi Tower.


Oscar is attacked by the 30% Army, and finally manages to escape with his karate-like skills. They change thier name to the 13500% Army when more people become involved with them out of curiosity. HO survives, but there is trouble. They cause themselves to swell - following the 13500% Army destroys Eiffel Tower, Santa Fe Station, Liberty Statue, Westminister Abbey, Golden Gate Bridge, Centrepoint Tower, Banjo's Café, Dillydale Fairgrounds and a number of express trains, as well as drinking up Ben Chifley, and terrorizing Quidditch players. The Michael Show broadcasts only descruction messages, and they succeed - but only for a while.

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