• Diesel as Old Slow Coach

  • The Spiteful Brakevan as Lady

  • Spencer as Belle

  • Diesel 10 as Daisy (Diesel 10 and Daisy are both have name starting with D)

  • George as Rosie

  • Bulgy as Flora

  • Old Stuck Up (from RWS) as Henrietta

  • Spamcan (from RWS) as Mavis

  • Arry and Bert as Annie and Clarabel

  • Smudger as Emily

  • Thomas as Elizabeth

  • Pip and Emma as Max and Monty

  • D261 as Caroline

  • Emily as Gordon (Emily and Gordon are both big tender engines)

  • Elizabeth as Duck

  • Norman as Rheneas (Norman and Rheneas are both orange)

  • Daisy as Oliver

  • Scruffey as Madge

  • Bertram as Skarloey

  • Evil Belle as Henry

  • Evil Rosie as James

  • Henrietta as Edward

  • Mavis as Diesel (Mavis and Diesel are both black)

  • Farnsworth (from The Little Engine That Could) as Byron

  • Zebedee (from TUGS) as Murdoch

  • Gordon as Spencer (Gordon and Spencer are both Pompous and Arrogant)

  • Bill as Paxton

  • Ben as Norman

  • Edward as George

  • Henry as Diesel 10 (Henry and Diesel 10 are both big)


Season 1

  • Evil Old Slow Coach and Emily/Evil Old Slow Coach Gets Tricked

  • Henrietta and Emily/Henrietta Helps Out

  • The Sad Story of Evil Belle/Come Out, Evil Belle!

  • Henrietta, Evil Belle and Emily/EvilBelle to The Rescue

  • Evil Old Slow Coach's Train/A Big Day for Evil Old Slow Coach

  • Evil Old Slow Coach and The Trucks/Trouble for Evil Old Slow Coach

  • Evil Old Slow Coach and The Breakdown Train/Evil Old Slow Coach Saves The Day

  • Rosie and The Coaches/Rosie Learns a Lesson

  • Troublesome Trucks/Foolish Freigth Cars

  • Rosie and The Express/A Proud Day for Rosie

  • Evil Old Slow Coach and The Guard/Evil Old Slow Coach and The Conductor

  • Evil Old Slow Coach Goes Fishing

  • Evil Old Slow Coach, Evil Henry and The Snow/Evil Henry the Green Engine

  • Evil Old Slow Coach and Judge Judy/Evil Old Slow Coach and Judge Judy's Great Race

  • Tenders and Turntables

  • Trouble in The Shed

  • Evil Flora Runs Away

  • Coal/Evil Belle's Special Coal

  • The Flying Kipper

  • Whistles and Sneezes

  • Shelly and The Stout Gentleman/Shelly the Pink Freight Car

  • Evil Old Slow Coach in Trouble/Evil Old Slow Coach Breaks The Rules

  • Dirty Objects/Rosie In a Mess

  • Off The Rails/Emily Takes a Dip

  • Down the Mine

  • Evil Old Slow Coach's Christmas Party

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