Evildude is a member of the Halo 3 Bunker Clan (H3BC) and a founding member of the Halo Bombshelter. He was made a Global Moderator with the rest of the founding members as soon as the proboards site was created. He is a 22 year old medical student named Sean Thomas. Studying at John Moore's University in Liverpool to one day become a general practitioner. Lives in a shabby apartment with girlfriend, Becky. After finishing six form at 18, evildude_93 joined the Royal Navy and served for 2 years as a medic, only managed to reach the rank of Petty Officer (claims to have been under appriciated.). Served aboard the HMS Ocean and HMS Bulwark. Enjoys drinking WKD and Fosters lager with friends. Despises hunting, Margret Thatcher and people who regard themselves as being superior. Hobbies include skateboarding, reading, writting, contemplating world domination and football.

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