The amalgamation of two giant, Twenty-first Century energy corporate conglomerates, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell. At the time of their merger in 2084 CE, the two companies could trace their lineage back to the creation of the petroleum industry in the 1880s.

ExxonMobil was early to make the transition from petroleum to hydrogen in the mid-2000s. Its upstream division developed innovative technology to produce the gas cost effectively while its downstream division developed local distribution systems to place cryogenic hydrogen at the pump.

ExMShell continued this innovation with the commercialization of fusionelectric propulsion systems for spacecraft. This led to the installation of automated aetrostat mining of Helium-3 from the stratosphere of Jupiter in the early Twenty-second Century.

The megamajor, as the colonial energy conglomerate and its competitor ChevronBP were called, assumed leadership in the development of the Corporate Hegemony through its CEO, Pieter ter Houck.

ExMShell's greatest contribution to the Little Diaspora was the sponsorship of the development of the Atiyah Slipdrive during the Tewnty-third and Twenty-fourth Centuries.

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