In Creation, the gods petitioned a Primordial, Authochthon, to create shards of power that would grant mortals who fit a specific criteria a level of near-demigod power. These people, called the Exalted, have had a bloody history and a peace only found in storybooks to go with their power. There are five different types of Exalted, one for each of their celestial beings.

Solar Exalted

Chosen by the Unconquered Sun (AKA Sol Invictus, Lord of Heaven and Earth), the Solar Exalted are the most powerful of all the Exalted. They are the greatest warriors, they are the greatest leaders, the greatest sorcerers, the greatest spies, the greatest diplomats. Yet, for all their power, the Solars are known for their excesses of virtue, and sometimes lack thereof. In fact, they were all killed 2000 years before, and their power caged behind an infernal device. However, someone set them free, and now they return to Creation treated as demons. They are the most recognized of the Anathema in accordance with the Immaculate faith. The Solars are divided into five different castes by their specialties. Dawn Caste, the warriors, Zenith Caste, the priest-kings,Twilight Caste, the scholars and sorcerers, Night Caste, the spies and assassins, and the Eclipse Caste, explorers and diplomats.

Rex Arafelia "Tango" Aram, the Delzahn leader of the Revenant Wings, is a Solar Exalted of the Eclipse Caste.

Lunar Exalted

Chosen by Luna, the Goddess of the Moon, the Lunar Exalted were meant to be the lieutenants and mates to the Solars. Cunning shapeshifters and the first line of defense for Creation against the weapons. However, when the Solars were mass murdered two thousand years before, Lunars either fled to the Bordermarches of the Wyld that they defended or died in battle alongside their mates. They are also Anathema according to the Immaculate Faith. The Lunars also had five castes during the First Age, but some time ago, the Lunars castes began to shift with the moon's phases. Since then, the Lunar's efforts only managed to save two of the castes, the other three were compressed into a single caste, and some others chose to not have their castes set. The Full Moon Lunars are warriors, the No Moon Lunars are savants and sorcerers, and the new Changing Moon Caste is a composite of leaders, assassins, and tricksters.

Hurricane's Quill is a Full Moon Lunar Exalted, and his companion Rovus Kermeki is a No Moon Lunar Exalted.

Sidereal Exalted

Chosen by the Five Maidens, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, the Sidereal Exalted were meant to be the Solar's advisors. Deathly spies and the true ultimate martial artists, the Sidereals were the ones who first planned the mass murders of the Solar Exalted by having the Dragon-Bloods bushwack them. The Sidereals, after succeeding, covered their tracks by attempting to manipulate a constellation (a stable pattern of fate) called the Mask, and in so doing, broke it and forever masked the Sidereal in eldritch misdirection. Currently, the Sidereals are in charge of Creation by manipulating them from behind the scenes, but some Sidereals feel that maybe it's time for a change. The Sidereals are divided into five castes. Chosen of Mercury are messengers and skilled blade slingers, Chosen of Venus are performers and diplomats, Chosen of Mars are warriors and generals, Chosen of Jupiter were spies and scholars, and Chosen of Saturn are the ultimate assassins.

Selendro Saigo, Sesus Makovi Sakina's sifu, is a Sidereal Exalted Chosen of Jupiter in disguise. Mordred Kain, the long-lost fiancee of Rei Hino (Sailor Mars), is a Sidereal Exalted Chosen of Mercury.

Terrestrial Exalted (Dragon-Blooded)

The most numerous of the Exalted by far, they are the Children of the Five Elemental Dragons: Mela, the Dragon of Air, Pasiap, the Dragon of Earth, Hesiesh, the Dragon of Fire, Danaa'd, the Dragon of Water, and Sextes Jylis, the Dragon of Wood. They outnumber the Celestial Exalted (that's the rest of the Exalted, excluding Alchemicals) by nearly 75 to 1. Originally the foot soldiers of the Exalted armies, the Sidereals guided the far more numerous Dragon-Bloods against the Solars and Lunars and killed all but a handful of them. They then took their places as Princes of the Earth. Since then, the Dragon-Bloods have endured plague, warfare from within and without, and a non-stop mission to prevent the Solars and Lunars from exacting what surely would be unholy revenge. Their powers are weaker, but elementally based and therefore make them dangerous in their own right. Many of their powers also gain power from the number of Dragon-Blooded in the group. There are five different Dragon-Bloods, one for each of the five elements: air, earth, fire, water, and wood.

Sesus Makovi Sakina, the former Immaculate monk who is the Author Fighters' healer and chaplain, is a Fire-Aspected Dragon-Blooded.

Abyssal Exalted

Among the newest of the Exalted, and about as numerous as the Sidereals (100 all told), the Abyssals are a bit of a mystery to those who don't know them and a wonder to those that do. All of them originally being Solar Exaltations, the Neverborn (slain Primordials who rule the Underworld), with help from the Yozis.

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