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2004 – 2005

Exam Exemption Guidelines

Attendance A student may be exempt from final examinations in any three courses in which

Ø His/her mark is 70% or higher

Ø He or she has not missed more than 4 classes in the semester

Ø All teacher assigned work is complete

Academic A student may be exempt from final examinations in all courses in which

Ø His/her mark is 85% or higher

Ø He/she has an overall average of 80% or higher in all courses

Ø All teacher assigned work is complete

Ø Three tardies count as one absence against the four days

Ø Participation in school related activities and religious holidays will be counted as present for class.

Ø Distance Learning courses are not eligible for exemptions.

Ø Skipping a class, cheating, or plagiarizing will disqualify that student from the privilege of receiving any exemption for that semester.

Ø All students taking Grade 9, 10 and 11 English and Grade 9 and 10 Math will write mid-term exams in January. Students may apply for exemptions in these courses in June only. The attendance data is based on daily attendance reporting through WinSchool. Attendance reports will be printed to allow for reference to parents on request.

Ø Students may write any exam even if eligible for an exemption. If students decide to write the exam the higher of the two marks will be recorded.

Ø At the end of each semester, students will be provided with a form to fill out in order to apply for exemptions. This application will require the parent’s signature.

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