This is an example of a beat. When the page body loads, the beat will cause the page to emit a one second beep every three seconds.


   //<3 Beat
   //In general, every beat will define what hearts are called in the HTML body.
       //It's good practice to not redefine global methods in the body, just in case
       //you want to use the default values in another heart. That's why we're def-
       //ining our beep and tick inside a nested heart, called threeBeep.
           //We define the beep method's properties by putting it in a heart.
               //Set frequency and time
               440. => freq;
               1::second => time;
           //Set up the three second ticker.
               //Time is three seconds.
               3::second => rate;
               //Every tick, we need it to beep, so...
           //Lastly, set up the ticker...

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