The power to overrule a Lower Level member through administrative actions. Staff members have Executive Say in graduating quantities the higher the Staff member is.

Full List of Executive Say Powers

By Level

Level One: Member

  • Edit own posts
  • Delete own posts
  • Modify own profile
  • Delete own profile

Level Two: Servitor

As Member as well as:

  • Bump threads
  • Make announcements
  • Modify avatars
  • Modify news
  • Modify skins

Level Three: Adjudicator

As Member as well as:

  • Edit any post
  • Delete any post
  • Bump threads
  • Sticky threads
  • Lock threads
  • Lock polls

Level Four: Temple Gatekeeper

As Adjudicator as well as:

  • Modify any profile
  • Delete any profile
  • Make announcements
  • Modify news
  • Edit skins

Level Five: Guardian-Curator

As Temple Gatekeeper as well as:

  • Has access to all administrative commands
  • Cannot be modified by others
  • Cannot be deleted by others

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