Software in Animal Breeding I just saw this link - apparently most of the links on it are dead but its worth a try

Dymex - Modelling Natural Systems

PDF: GIS Solutions by the Kruger National Parks GIS Department

POP-II Population Modelling Program Its a program to model population variations (adult, sub-adult,male female etc) when you input mortality rate,sex ratio, harvest(culling) rate etc. Got e-maild the program,so let me know if you want to check it out (Jeff)

{ PopSize] Used for population counts. Predicts population size when the mark-recapture count method is used. Input catchability of animal,mortality,emigrate rates. (Jeff)

CyberTracker, An animal tracking software for handheld devices

This is a free software application for Palm and Pocket PC that simplifies and automates the task of monitoring, the locations, populations, and movements of wildlife.

source: International edition of IEEE Spectrum, February 2006, pp 41 - 43 (Collen)

[SimLife] Been playing around with it,and found it incorporates lot of the concepts we need for our proposed software. You specify the temperature, humidity,vegetation,amount of water sources,soil fertility of an area, then put different animals in it. It simulates the environment to show what happens to the ecosystem. If you want to try it out let me know, lost the download link 4 it...(Jeff)

  • Thought this should go here as well as the Electronic Maps section since it seems like this program can be used to manage a game reserve.

Didger Uses Didger, a mapping program, seems to be able to do almost anything related to maps, even has the ability to "Digitize wildlife information such as animal habitats, migratory routes, and territorial boundaries." and "Digitize vegetation boundaries, burn areas, restoration projects, and lumbering areas"

Monitor Software Monitor is a software program used to predict the trend of a population size from previous measurements.

Riskman Software Another population modeling program for wildlife.

Populus A program used to teach about population biology that uses simulations with a description of the algorithms used.

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