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United States Of America

Welcome to Exit

Welcome to Exit, I'm just getting started here, so please forgive the mess.

The concept is simple, Currently there are a number of "Exit Guides" that you can buy in paperback form, and carry along with you as you travel that will give you a basic idea of what you can expect at any given exit along commonly traveled roads, unfortunately these guides often are out of date as soon as they are put into print, or alternatively are dominated by corporate sponsors who pay the publishers to promote their facilities.

What I am seeking to do is provide an easily comprehensible free alternative to these exit guides that anyone can update.

As the infrastructure for internet connections on the road become increasingly prevalent, this should become a useful tool to people who are frequent travelers of any type.

Because I am a professional driver, this project may initially seem to offer a great deal more to the professional driver, but I hope that as time goes on, and the Wiki grows, recreational travelers will also find the tool useful. --Mindsunwound 18:33, 18 February 2007 (UTC)

Mission Statement

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