Exit 28A (Cross Island Parkway)

Name: Exit 28A
Highway: Cross Island Parkway
Intersection formation: No-form
Destination (SB): NY-25B; Hillside Avenue
Destination (NB): NY-25B; Hillside Avenue

Exit 28A of the Cross Island Parkway is a no-form-shaped exit on the Cross Island just south of the Grand Central Parkway. Although it is numbered 28A, it is not for the same road as companion exit, Exit 28B. Exit 28A is for the Hillside Avenue in Glen Oaks, via Cross Island Parkway Service roads. Going southbound, Union Turnpike is accessible via an offramp. Before the Cross Island Parkway was aligned with the Belt Parkway, the exits were aligned with the Southern State Parkway. Due to the SSP alignment, this exit was known as Exit 9A. This is the final exit in Queens for a few miles.

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