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People-Places at beginning of the Rebooted Deep Space Nine series:

Alpha Quadrant

Federation Space


General Fleet

Bajoran Space



  • Vedek Ungtae - early front-runner for Kai, but then chances reduced

Avatar Prologue

Vedek Assembly: Avatar Chapter 8

Deep Space Nine

Avatar Chapter 1

Avatar Chapter 2

Avatar Chapter 3

  • Shar - Andorian science officer "stuck" doing engineer work
  • Tiris Jast - First officer also acting as liason between Starfleet and DS9

Avatar Chapter 4

Avatar Chapter 7

Avatar Later

USS Defiant

Avatar Chapter 4

  • Nog - repairing defiant
  • Ezri - takes over command when Jast dies
  • Jast - commands then dies

Avatar Chapter 5

Avatar Chapter 6

USS Aldebaran

Avatar Chapter 3

Ferengi Space


Gamma Quadrant

Near Mouth of the Wormhole

  • 3 Dominion Ships that would attack DS9
  • 1 Dominion Ship that would defend DS9

Dominion Space

Founder Homeworld

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