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Calling all expatriates, As an Expat living in Holland for the past 3 years, I have become increasing aware of the challenges that are unique to Expats worldwide. Most Expats face the same challenges including relocation, comparing saleries, understanding socail and cultural factors and so forth.

A few nonths ago I set up a web site to try and achieve a collaboative sharing of information. The aim being to enable Expatraits to share their experiences and have access to relevent infromation.

The site has a reasonable audience for its age but I feel that the sharing of information may be better achieved through a wiki. To that extent, I have added this scratch pad wiki to see if there is sufficient interest to take this forward.

If you are interested, you can add to this wiki or contact me through my site. I am interested to see how this progresses, I intend to invest my future time in which ever option proves the more favourable.

The current website can be found below. Your comments and input to this wiki are appriciated.

The Expat Directory

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