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-"Hindi ko ine-expect na ganito yung training na na-e-encounter natin... Ano ba...drama't ganun? May drama princess??"

  • laughs*

~"Talagang ganun! On record yan! Parang showbiz!! Go!!"

-"Ganun? Sige let's proceed to the topic. Mukhang naliligaw na tayo eh. Sabi sa title experiences. Di ba? Text style na lang kaya?"

~"Wag! Di nila maiintindihan! Hala wala tayong nagagawa!"

  • interruption from Ma'am Ria: Ano ba?..Kayo't tagalog? Di nila maiintindihan....*

~"Game... English dapat."

-"I thought that we will just conduct seminars regarding rice. Just trainings. Boring trainings. But when we have arrived in here that wrong impression disappeared. How about you?"

~"True... From the start I was thinking that Pinoys and Thais stay in rooms separately. Hahaha.... But look! We share the same room, same cafeteria and same shuttle. Haha...bathroom?..."

-"Yup! I still remember when Matron told us that Pinoy and Thais will share the same room. We...want to go home. Because we have different culture and the language barrier."

~"Yes. But look... We now have Thai accents, too! Hehehe... A-roi! ^_^ And also I realized that Thais are very much like the Pinoys. Accomodating and hospitable."

-"In our first step here at the IRRI, Romarc said that he wished to have a Thai counterpart that was good looking and absolutely I wish to have one, too. Fortunately, Pleeda Loonlin was the lucky one to have me in my room ;-P Most of the Thais are good looking. Like Pong, Oom, Kuya Boon and Kuya Bo."

~"May tama kah!! Ang laki ng tama mo!! They look like a cross between Fil and Koreans."

-"Crossbreed lagay mo!"

~"Ang pangit! Parang aso.... ^,^ Back to the topic... Thais are also very cheerful. Like Nam, Oom and Pim. While some are very reserved and softspoken. Like Non and Mo. Some are like Filipinas like Pong. Very, very graceful and sophisticated."

-"Definitely! But because if the language barrier we barely understand each other. We need to make an acrobatic just for them to understand what we want to say like a simple Thank You."

~"Korboon Krap! Sawat-dee! Ning, Song, Sam! These are just some of the Thai words we learned....

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