Extortion-class Frigate
Manufacturer Valorn Duchal Shipyards
Model Extortion-class Frigate
Sublight Speed Above Average (12 mglt)
Sublight Maneuverability Average (4 dpf)
Length 95 meters
Mass 30,000 tons
Hull Strength Above average(3500 ru)
  • 4 warhead launchers
  • 16 mass-driver cannons
  • AMS systems
Fighters None
Cargo Capacity

2,000 metric tons (excluding hangar space and consumables storage)

Crew 98
Passengers 500 infantry and support personnel
CO Admiral Sabina Cornellis
Battles Participated In N/A
Affiliation Duchy of Valorn

The second-largest vessel of the Duchal Fleet, the Extortion is commanded by Admiral Sabina Cornellis, the secondary commander of the Duchal Fleet Arm. Armed with 4 warhead launchers - each equipped with fifteen missiles, each with a payload of 50 kilotons - sixteen 50mm mass-driver cannons, and a number of AMS guns, the Extortion is a powerful opponent.

Along with the Sentinel, the Extortion is responsible for the defense of the Torun system.

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