• Wartech, like many other Japanese games, boasts a lot of extra features. Most of which are images, encyclopedia articles, models, videos, etc. Below is a list of Extras that can be unlocked and how. Note that I'm not 100% sure how certain things are unlocked, so feel free to edit something you see incorrect*

Mr. Seeker 17:12, February 26, 2011 (UTC)



Unlock character images by beating story mode with a specific character (Mika, Karel, Changpo, etc)


Unlock Rounder images by beating score attack with a specific character (Mika for Ventuno Due, Sakurako for Triad, etc)


Beat the story mode/original story mode once.


Unlocks Scenario A and B for each character's story mode and provides a more detailed plot background. By default all players will unlock the B scenario if they finish a story mode, however if you listen to all the dialogue between the characters before they go into B.O.S.S. mode and then after you will unlock Scenario A. The logic behind this is that upon hearing all that the other person has to say you're character changes their mind. Just be sure to listen to everything.


3D models of the Rounders. Unlocked the same way the Rounder images are.

Original Story Mode:

Available after completing Story Mode

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