Brief Overview

A neo-Marxist materialist perspective (coined by Dorothy Smith) that explores and positions the analysis of the structures/institutions/organizations and the hierarchical power structures.

Formal Definition

"Relations of ruling" is a concept that grasps power, organization, directios, and regulation asmore pervasively structured than can be expressed in traditional concepts provided by the discourses of power. taken from page 3 of Everyday World as Problematic

Detailed Description

Power relations are hierarchical and materialist which is to say that they are not always obvious to the lived reality of an individual. They organize the lived reality and the overt and covert realities of an individuals life. It is the formally mediated and documented and external realities of the individual which is common referred to as the textually mediated reality.

Recommended Reading

Everyday World as Problematic

Conceptual Practices of Power

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