• Pete (Muck S Danish)
  • Johnny (Randy Shader)
  • Max (Rob S Delian)
  • Randy (John McDonald)
  • Kevin (Joe Lonny Fetish)
  • Amanda (Donna Perry)
  • Mrs Kenny (Lonny Seders)
  • Mr Charlie (Jim Cummings)
  • Mr Mickey (Jerry Lewis)
  • Misty (Alia Jones)
  • Denny (Phil Unwise)
  • Tommy (Ken Asperity)
  • Alex (Conner Seward)

Production Company

Mondo Animation Inc

Cake Enterprise

A1 Entertainment

CBC Television

Disney XD Original Productions

Channel Programing

  • United States: Disney XD
  • Canada: CBC
  • UK And Ireland: Citv
  • French: French 3
  • Sweden: Nickelodeon
  • Dutch: SIC K
  • Australia: ABC 3
  • Norwegian: 2BE

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