Eye of Horus1

Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus, when consumed, will decrease the transparency of wandering enemies on the map, gradually making them more visible with each sheet, allowing you to evade them.

There are some enemies, such as Legendary Monsters, or minions related to a cleaning-out quest (in the Pharaoh's tomb and in the mountains to the east of Wintero), which are visible without the Eye.

The locations of the Eyes are:

  1. NW corner garden of anuket
  2. dungeon, after second lizardman fight, on the left
  3. NW corner of Great Land area with signpost
  4. NW corner, past rope bridge outside of greece portal cave
  5. woods two screens north of athrosa in NW corner, in chest.
  6. in chest in SW corner of the large grassy area west of the exit from the cave found north of athrosa village. from the singpost head NW up rocky stairs, go west pass trees, then south all the way down to find the chest in a narrow area.
  7. chest south of pole crossroads, west of ruins (first encounter with naacia, third fight with sir edward the 3rd).
  8. inside a chest near the exit of the cave that leads to mount falcon.
  9. inside a chest in a ruined building in the first area of ruins of the past (past the bridge).
  10. inside chest in church, ruins of the past.
  11. inside chest near exit of lava cavern at the bottom of the tower of hades.
  12. inside chest in osira's lair. after the entrance cross a large stone bridge in the next room it is to the right on a narrow ledge.
  13. chest in pharoah's tomb.
  14. chest inside fortune teller's house.

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