Character name: Ezekial Pastore-Berger
Player: Ezekial Pastore
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Weight: 187 lbs
Height: 6’1
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue
Ethnic origin: Venusian
Species Type: Oldtype

Other Information:

- Carries a concealed .357 magnum 3 in. auto revolver with recoil/balance compensator and .454 Casull magnum 7 in. autorevolver with recoil/balance compensator


Although perhaps the most often overlooked of the space settlements, the Venus colonies are frontiers of human development. Although not quite of the same caliber as the Mars efforts, research into the settling, or even terraforming, of Venus has been underway for some time, though in the areas of actually settling on the surface has only so much progress, with no actual permanent settlements on the surface ever being attempted yet. However, orbital colonies, hardier in design then those of other planets usually, have been established in orbit around the planet. These colonies have begun to give birth to the first generation of true Venusians, those born in orbit around the cytherian world.

Ezekial Pastore was born on one of these colonies; Cythera 1 to be exact, named after the the island from which Venus was born on in mythology. The prime colony of the venusian project, Cythera 1 served as a central headquarters and capital of the small and mostly autonomous project. Ezekial was the son of a working class couple, the third of four children. He was amongst the top ten percent of his class during elementary, and the top twenty-five during high school, with an eye on a political degree. After six years of college, he emerged with degrees in mechanical engineering and political sciences, a peculiar combination oddly fitting giving his homelands very essence as a frontier of research and colonization mixed with peculiar politics and internal affairs.

Ezekial Pastore went on to hold a number of lower level political offices in his home colony of Cythera 1, primarily serving in the capacity of a administrator between the cytherian engineering unions and the political who's whose of the colony. It was during his time in this service he gained a fascination with mobile suits, his first encounter being that of a worker unit used to help maintain the exterior of the colonies. His curiosity grew only more as he looked more into their ability, and he is credited as being one of the primary writers on the proposal to form the Venusian mobile militia, composed of a number of somewhat older models, often those sold off by the martian governments. His attempts to promote the development of new mobile suits met with unknown results, as if he was successful, Pastore was never in a capacity to be cleared to know of such things.

He left the venusian colonies when he was 25, moving to the other colonial frontier of Mars. Although landing first in Monuta, he stayed only three months before moving on to the Vermillion Sovereignty city of Mambasa. He naturalized relatively quickly, taking on a duel citizenship in the Sovereignty and venusian colonies, later the Confederation of Venusian Colonists. Although considering another go at a degree, the young man chose instead to join the armed forces, using his degrees as leverage to achieve a officers commission, as well as entrance into the mobile suit corp. He has since gone career officer, as well as become a full member of the mobile weapons teams of the Vermillion Sovereignty, achieving assignment to special machines due to his general excellence in piloting and skill, as well as a seemingly natural affinity towards combat piloting, affinity which spawned thoughts they he could maybe even be what some call a Newtype...

Ezekial has a fondness for many things military, both the massive mobile suits he now pilots as well as firearms of many eras. He carries two sidearms of a revolver style, abet autorevolvers. However, they still seem somewhat old fashioned to many, though Ezekial prefers things that way. He also is, while not a drunkard, and avid consumer of vodka, usually a high quality aged bottle he has imported from a venusian company. He is a avid supporter that there is a group of humanity that are above the common man, despite all human rights being the same. It is the duty of those humans to rise above and direct the others, for the good of all mankind. He is a firm believer in the moral authority of those above him, however, and while he is apt to respond to their orders, he will interject his suggestions if he believes it necessary. His goal of rising through the ranks through skill and dedication, rather then blind ambition, is his own way of assuring himself he is fit for a position, rather then simply a weak link in the sovereignty's chain.

Affiliation (faction): Vermillion Sovereignty

Prototype Mobile Suit: ZMT-S37S Zanspine; SD Gundam: G Generation F

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