TSS Fairfax F-s 12

The Fairfax was continues to build on the modifications that started with the Reston, the hangerbay was extended to include three spacecraft, or one larger space craft, with full maintenance capability, this hull is also the first in the line to have an organic missile and torpedoe capability, as well as one extra main energy directed weapon.

The space frigate was designed to be the front line protection for the carrier fleet. As new strike force tactics were developed for space combat, so were the combatants that were to partake in ship versus ship combat in space. The space frigate provides maximum firepower focused in an area for a short duration of time. This allows carriers to manouver and the frigated to actually take hits for the carrier if need be. The frigates are designed to take large sustained burst of energy directed weapons. This allows the carrier space group to maouver and launch its organic space wing to strike the attacker or any threat deemed hostile.

The TSS Fairfax is the third in the Benson class. The TSS Fairfax has two closed cold fission reactors capable of powering Lacron City for 2,000 years. The Fairfax is capable of traveling Mach 67 at a sustained rate for almost one month. It takes the Fairfax one day to reach maximum velocity and two days to slow down. maximum effective cruising speed of the Herndon is Mach40.

The Fairfax is equiped with 5x Dalgren type II Main Direct Energy Weapons. This energy is extracted right from the fission reactor. If all five guns are fired at once the ship needs to recharge and allow it weps to cool. this takes approximate 50 minuets with the extra gun, this ship does not have the cooling spindal assembly. The cooling assembly was a prototype that was developed and retro fitted on the Reston, the Fairfax was already desigend and nearing the trial phase when the cooling spindal was retrofitted on the Reston.

The Fairfax has 40 Vickers anti-spacecraft guns a vast improvement over the last two in the line, they fire structure piercing lasers. These lasers can fire for 24 hours during general quarters situations with out replacing the battery. This space craft has no missiles or organic spacecraft capability. It can dock with several ships at once.

Builders- Lacron Space Craft

Length- 601 Ft

Beam- 62 Ft

Propulsion- 2x General Electric Cold Fission Reactors

Max Speed- Mach 67

Range- 14 Astronomical Units (AU)

Crew- 300 with 28 Officers

Missiles- Classified

Torpedoes- Classified

Main Guns- 5x Dalgren type III Main Direct Energy Weapons

Anti-Spacecraft- 20x Vickers Type I, 20 Vickers Type II Anti-space craft guns

Mine Capable- Yes

Sensors- Main Sensor, Erickson Ice Pick Sensor Suite, Navigation Sony Type 32 Astronomical DD, Search Sensors- RCA Type 40, EW package U/K. Scientific Equipment- Classified- u.K

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