F3: Friendly, Faithful & Fair is a Children's Musical Anime Film that centers a idealistic 6-year-old Boy named Daniel "Dan" Rooney who lives in an all Plastic City called "Schropp-ville" and wants to plant a real tree. It has been described by Children as "A Heartwarming and Hilarious Homage of Broadway Musicals, 1930s M-G-M Musicals, Walt Disney, Jim Henson's Muppets, Dr. Seuss, The Wizard of Oz and Madeline."

The three F's of the title stands for "Friendly, Faithful and Fair." The Japanese title is and was created by Award-winning Author D.B. Sweeney.

F3 is D.B. Sweeney's debut in Manga in 1988 and Anime in 1997.

The Film Version was released in December 10, 1997 in Japan, March 27 in the United States and Canada, July 17 in the United Kingdom, September 17 in Australia and December 25, 1998 in New Zealand.

F3 won two Academy Awards.


In 1933. during the Great Depression in "Schropp-ville", a Walled City that, aside from the Citizens, is completely, perfectly, artificial: everything is made of Plastic, Metal or Synthetics, Dan Rooney, an Idealistic and Kind-Hearted 6-year-old Boy and Nona Kroopenheimer, a gentle and sweet 6-year-old Girl and their friends, set out to find the one thing that will change the City forever.

Alfred, Ruxly and Puxly travel to New York by Train to pay a visit to Harvey O'Brien and Leonard.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Daniel "Dan" Rooney - The titular Boy of the Film and Manga and main Protagonist. He is also Nona's crush. He is named after Daniel Bernard Sweeney, D.B. Sweeney's full name.
  • Nona Kroopenheimer - Dan's next door Neighbor, she has a crush on Dan and a fascination for Nature. She is named after Nona Sweeney, D.B. Sweeney's new-born Daughter.
  • The Hoppler - A Grumpy but Charming Red and Blue Creature with Green Eyebrows, a Moustache and wears Gentleman's Suit, including a Black High Top Hat with a White Ribbon.
  • The Gracker - A 23-year-old Woman who recounts how her discovery of the Propperlu Forest as a 17-year-old Girl led to its depletion.
  • Margaret Rooney - Dan's loving Mother.
  • Frederick Rooney - Dan's serious Father.
  • Alfred O'Brien - The Mayor of Schropp-ville and head of the "O'Brien" Company that supplies fresh air to residents.
  • Harvey O'Brien - Alfred's Brother and Racist Bully and Tyrant to the Kroopenheimer Family. He is the Director of the New York City Harbour Port.
  • Leonard - Harvey's Friend and Chief of the New York Police Department.
  • Paul and Michael - Dan's Friendly and Talented Brothers.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Ruxly and Puxly - Alfred O'Brien's Clumsy Henchmen
  • Mr. Gooper - A wise-cracking Delivery Guy
  • Professor Haddock - He is a researcher on Trees
  • Dan's Friends - One was named "Mickey", the others are "Walter", "Jeffery", "Bernard", "Emily", "Conan", "Lucy, "Stanley", "Monique", "Audrey", "Theodore", "Mary", "Marcella" and "Sylvia"
  • Marty Gropper - A clumsy salesman on Beetlejuice
  • Brad and Chad - Gracker's laughable Brothers
  • Tiska, Taska and Baska - Gracker's Wise-cracking Sisters
  • Norma, Kathy, Kathleen, Neemy and Spookly - Gracker's Second Sisters
  • Don, Barnaby, Herb, Joel, Stephen, Dean, Wesley, David, Wilfred and Ivan - Gracker's Energetic Brothers
  • Spalding, Bralding, Calding, Palding, Zalding, Walding, Ralding, Talding, Malding, Dalding, Bill, Ben, Poopler, Cobbly, Goopy, Doopy, Soozy, Poozie, Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, Joe, Curly-Joe, Robby, Sandy, Bobby, Ricky, Woopy, Tommy, Dale, Alfy, Basil, Chip, Dip, Dale, Trickler, Gibbens and Mooey - Gracker's Cousins
  • Uncle Carney - Gracker's Uncle
  • Aunt Betty - Gracker's Aunt
  • Lulu - Gracker's Mother
  • Barry - Gracker's Father


Musical NumbersEdit

  1. "Welcome to Schropp-Ville" - Company
  2. "A Real Living Tree" - Nona Kroopenheimer and Daniel "Dan" Rooney
  3. "The Gracker" - Archibald and Susan Rooney
  4. "O'Brien's Song" - O'Brien
  5. "Gracker's Travelling Song" - The Gracker
  6. "This is the Place" - The Gracker
  7. "The Hoppler" - The Gracker
  8. "I speak for the Trees" - The Hoppler
  9. "The Schropp Song" - The Gracker
  10. "Everybody needs a Schropp" - The Gracker and Company
  11. "Gracker Family Song" - The Whole Gracker Family
  12. "Biggering and Biggering" - The Gracker
  13. "Nobody needs a Schropp" - The Gracker, the Hoppler and Gracker Family
  14. "Unless" - Company
  15. "The Very Last Propperlu Seed" - Kids and the Gracker
  16. "Nona's Song" - Nona Kroopenheimer
  17. "Dan's Song" - Daniel "Dan" Rooney
  18. "Let the Seed Grow" - Company
  19. "The Propperlu Trees" - The Gracker
  20. "A Real Living Tree (Reprise)" - Company


After reading a Manga version of The Dog of Flanders, D.B. sweeney wanted to write a Children's Story set during the Great Depression. After Sweeney saw [[

While creating the Anime Film, the entire crew scouted all over Manhattan, surrounding Neighborhoods and all over the City to accurately portray both Scroppville and New York City. The visited Chinatown, Grand Central Terminal, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building, Radio City Music Hall, Coney Island, George Washinton Bridge, Little Italy, Time Square, Central Park, Carnagie Hall and various Locations in Brooklyn and along the East River. The Staff also visited Steamtown National Historic Site, Strasburg Railroad, New York Central Museum, Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad and other Railways to create accurate Steam Locomotives, Railroads, Stations and more.


When it Premiered at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City on March 27, 1998, the Film recieved Rave Reviews from upon Film Critics, Fans and Children and won two Awards at the 71st Academy Awards: Best Animated Feature Film and Best Esemble Cast.

Because of its Extremely Positive Reception, the Film is said to be considered one of the Best Movies ever made as well as becoming a Box Office Smash-Hit, in which it became one of the Highest Grossing Movies grossing over $96 Million. On Rotten Tomatoes, the Film currently has a "Fresh" rating of 100%, based on 44 Reviews with more than 200 Fresh reviews and a Rating of 10 out of 10. It is currently 22nd among IMDB's Top 100 as of September 23, 2011.

Because of the Positive Reviews, the Film has garnared famously to be the first Truly Succesful Children Anime of all time towards Children and Adults alike.

Box OfficeEdit

In its Limited Release Weekend, the Film grossed $57,795,930 and ranked #4. A week later, in Wide Release, the Film grossed $124,345,542 and ranked #1. By the end of its run, the Film grossed $122,989,456 inthe Domestic Box Office and $180,141,472 worldwide, returning its $4 Million Budget becoming a Box Office Smash-Hit.


Theatrical TheaterEdit

Narrator: From Master Animators, Hayao Miyazaki, D.B. Sweeney, Walt Disney, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Ub Iwerks and Don Bluth, comes a ground-breaking Motion Picture Event unlike any other.