Non-Line-of-Sight - Launch System (NLOS-LS)


NLOS-LS The Non-Line-of-Sight-Launch System (NLOS-LS) consists of a highly deployable, platform-independent Container Launch Unit (CLU) with self-contained tactical fire control electronics and software for remote and unmanned operations. Each Container Launch Unit (CLU) will consist of a computer and communications system and 15 missiles (Precision Attack Missiles PAM).

Precision Attack Missiles (PAM) is a modular, multi-mission, guided missile with two trajectories - a direct - fire or fast-attack trajectory, and a boost-glide trajectory. The missile will receive target information prior to launch, and can receive and respond to target location updates during flight. The PAM will support laser-designated, laser-anointed and autonomous operation modes and will be capable of transmitting near-real-time information in the form of target imagery prior to impact.

PAM is being designed to defeat high payoff light and heavy armored targets either moving or stationary.


Public domain - US Government - Unclassified - accessed on May 29, 2007

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