The Soldier is central to the FBCT, and an integral element of the FCS 14+1+1 Family of Systems, accomplishing assigned missions across the full spectrum of military operations. The key enabler in executing these missions is Soldier connectivity to and integration with the FCS network and FCS Battle Command. This connectivity provides the Soldier superior situational awareness mounted and dismounted, enabling the Soldier to effectively perform Battle Command functions while maximizing Soldier and Force lethality and survivability.


Network connectivity also enables the Soldier to more effectively employ and control FCS unmanned ground and aerial systems, and to take full advantage of embedded training, logistics and medical functions. These network-enabled capabilities are executed when mounted via the MGV Common Crew Station, and when dismounted via the Centralized Controller (CC). In the future, these capabilities will be further augmented with the addition of the Soldier as a System (SaaS) ensemble.

The CC provides the dismounted FBCT Soldier with a hand-carried device capable of enabling remote Network interface to operate the following FCS unmanned systems: UAVs Class I, all UGV, NLOS-LS, and T/U-UGS. It will enable remote control of critical MGV functions, and provide the dismounted FBCT Soldier with key Battle Command functions to optimize his dismounted situational awareness. CC total functionality will include remote training and logistics support tools (i.e. Interactive Electronic Technical Manual access). The CC will be modular such that soldier-carried radios and batteries can be leveraged to minimize the burden on the Soldier.


Public domain - US Government - Unclassified - accessed on May 29, 2007

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