Name: Anstaroth/Antony The Argonian/Antony/Ant/AKA/FDL/Whatever you prefer.
Location: Auckland, New ‘Sheep Rape’ Zealand

Known first off as FDL, then changing his name an innumerable amount of times, eventually settling recently on ATA (and who knows, even THAT might change if he feels like it), ATA has been a prominent member of GAJ for most of its life. Making friends and enemies, FDL was always a good source of fun and randomness. Began to write Orsakest with Matt44au just before he left in early April.

How He Found GAJ

Twas a cheery night in the Tavern of San Andreas. Known as Flame Dragon Lord back then on GameFAQs, he was browsing the Tavern of San Andreas, looking for amusing stories and rumours.. Suddenly, the skies grew dark. Thousands upon thousands of ‘Hot Coffee’ topics spawned from the darkest regions of the Internets. He clicked, wondering what all the commotion was about. That topic contained a link to a board entitled ‘Jack Attack’. Already annoyed by the carnage that the diabolical villain, Jack Thompson (dressed in a black robe of necromancy and hatred, etc) has caused, he decided to see what it was all about.

After a trek through the mountainous valleys of bad board coding, he came across the fort of Jack Attack. Except the fort was small. There were two topics spread out the entire great hall. One full of a table of drunken men, discussing their dreams of bringing the dark reign of Jack Thompson to an end and the other, surrounded by the high mages of the province of GameFAQs, sharing directions to a portal in the back. This made ATA curious. He decided to see where the portal lead so he asked for the directions. After a few minutes of heading down the back of the fort, where there were evil trolls hanging about. Their vision being based on movement and intelligence, ATA moved slowly around the corner. There the portal stood. Without hesitation, he leaped through.

The sight (or site) that met his eyes was warm. People discussing their plans to get rid of Jack, people enjoying bread and wine in the castle Mess Hall… he thought he had found his new home.


Main Article: Orsakest

Orsakest is a story FDL writes with Matt44au. It hasnt been finished yet, but is currently being written entirely by Matt due to extenuating circumstances on the part of FDL, although he will come back on when he is able to. It details the stories of Mike and Jess, two people whose worlds are under attack, and their fight to stop their worlds from being taken over.


Known for: Retardation, not knowing when to stop.
Friends: A decent amount of people on GAJ
Un-Friends: Shall remain unnamed.

What Users Think of ATA

  • Dude, this guy is... like some kind of... super... ultra... mega... happy fun time guy! But I know beyond that hard, tough man exterior is a hot female busting to break out. Coolness Level : 9/10. Definitely in the Top 5 People I have met on the internets. - Matt44au
  • Who the fuck is that? And what a dumbass name... - Random Hobo Number 364

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