A Bad Day for Danny is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Sawtooth the Beaver and Friends, and the eighty-fourth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas & Friends episode, A Bad Day For Sir Handel.


  • Rug Bug Benny - Skarloey
  • Willy - Rheneas
  • Danny - Sir Handel
  • Ring-a-Ding - Peter Sam
  • Animators - Various Crews
  • Log Cars - Coaches
  • Rufus Ruffcut - Gordon
  • The Announcer - Sir Topham Hatt
  • Sawtooth - Thomas (Cameo Role)
  • Private Meekly - Percy (Cameo Role)
  • Alligators - Troublesome Trucks (Mentioned)


Narrator: "Rug Bug Benny and Willy work on the cottage that weaves around lakes, and along mountain sides. Their log cars have many visitors, and the men are proud to run the line, come rain or shine.

The men will never let their passengers down, but they are old, and they tire more easily.

Their animators understood this, and they spoke kindly to them."

Animators: "There's more than enough work for both of you on this racetrack. The manager is sending two more men to help us run the line."

Narrator: "Rug Bug Benny and Willy were pleased with this, and promised to give the new men a big welcome.

When Danny and Ring-a-Ding arrived, they found they had much to learn."

Danny: "What a small shed."

Narrator: "Grunted Danny."

Danny: "This won't do at all. We're much too good for this old shack."

Ring-a-Ding: "I think it's nice."

Narrator: "Said Ring-a-Ding."

Danny: "Humph."

Narrator: "Replied Danny."

Danny: "What's that rubbish?"

Ring-a-Ding: "Shhh."

Narrator: "Said Ring-a-Ding."

Ring-a-Ding: "That's Rug Bug Benny. He's famous."

Narrator: "And then he whispered to Rug Bug Benny."

Ring-a-Ding: "I'm sorry, Rug Bug Benny, Danny's upset now, but he's quite nice, really."

Narrator: "Rug Bug Benny felt sorry for Ring-a-Ding."

Danny's Animator: "Now, Danny,"

Narrator: "Said the animator,"

Danny's Animator: "I will get you ready for work."

Danny: "I'm tired! Let Ring-a-Ding go; he'd love it!"

Danny's Animator: "No, you're first!"

Narrator: "Danny puffed away to fetch his log cars. He didn't like the look of them at all."

Danny: "What ever next? Those aren't log cars, they're cattle cars!"

Log Cars: "Oh!"

Narrator: "Screamed the log cars."

Log Cars: "What a horrid man!"

Danny: "It's not what I'm used to."

Narrator: "Clanked Danny.

He rolled to the platform just as Rufus arrived."

Danny: "Hello, who are you?"

Rufus Ruffcut: "I'm Rufus. Who are you?"

Danny: "I'm Danny. I've heard of you, you're an express lumberjack. So am I, but I'm used to new log cars, not these cattle cars! Do you have new log cars? I see you do."

Rufus Ruffcut: "We must have a chat."

Danny: "Sorry, I can't stop. Must keep time, you know."

Narrator: "Rufus was speechless!

Clouds of steam filled the air as Danny huffed and puffed along the line.

He was still cross when they reached the top station. Danny was hoping for a rest, but his animator thought otherwise."

Danny's Animator: "We'll leave the log cars now, and fetch some alligators from the quarry."

Danny: "Alligators?"

Narrator: "Snorted Danny."

Danny: "Alligators? I won't, so there!"

Narrator: "Danny was about to cause a great deal of trouble."

Danny: "Told you."

Narrator: "Said Danny.

By the time animators came to rescue him, Danny was feeling rather silly. To make matters worse, there stood the Announcer. His message to Danny was brief and blunt."

Announcer: "I shall talk to you later!"

Narrator: "Then he left with Ring-a-Ding. Danny felt sillier still."

Danny's Animator: "Come on,"

Narrator: "Said the animator,"

Danny's Animator: "Let's get you back on the line."

Narrator: "When Danny crawled home, he found the Announcer waiting for him."

Announcer: "You're a very naughty man!

I hope I can trust you to behave when you next come out of this shed."

Narrator: "After hearing that, I'm sure Danny will. Aren't you?

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  • Footage Copyright: Hanna-barbera/Warner Bros., Hit Entertainment

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