The vision is that the FIC Art of Community Event will be a widely promoted event, using a variety of media, including:

The intent is that some of these media will go well beyond the event itself in getting mindshare for the event's topics that is broader than just the need to mount a successful, well-attended event.

Added 4-18-06 Here's a plan for AOC Marketing and Outreach

How I think of the terms: Outreach (connecting to other organizations and being out in public, to table, hand out flyers, talk with people, to help get the word out) AND Marketing (advertising and direct mailing, a more formal way to reach people with whom you don't have a relationshp and don't know how to contact personally). Also, Outreach is more something I do, vs. Marketing, which involves statistics and tracking, and more the professional design of impacting someone who we don't know and aren't sure how to reach.

week of 4/16: send out "Save the Date" email to NICA members, list. Ask for this text to be in next FIC Newsletter. Q - who has skills to prep HTML email format? There are free programs that can help us do that, but I'm not acquainted and am looking to do more creative, colorful emails.

WO 4/23: Request labels of all WA, OR and BC ICs from FIC & discuss bulk mail rules, options at core team mtg. (4/27) Recruit people onto a publicity committee.

WO 4/30: Draft poster and improve flyer we have. (SF may ask graphic designer friend to do poster) If we're going to do more than one USPS mailing, we may be working on a postcard here.

5/7: Have a meeting or online poll re: poster (remember to start including the BPT link for online registration on all of our Marketing material)

5/14: call Keep Posted. Confirm # of posters they need to cover all metro Seattle/Puget Sound area. Syd thinks it's about 320. Let them know our plan to bring posters to them by mid- to late-June and see if that's enough time to cover areas we want from June to early August.

5/21: Get quotes and choose printer for posters, also color flyers (and think about Scotty for printing mktg materials as well as event program and insert/directory).

5/28: Finalize poster, set to run 500 (or so) - TBD. Print flyers and/or 3 panel brochure also. Do outreach at Folklife this weekend.

Mid June: get posters to KP for distribution

July 1 - make this an early registration cut off? send reminders to register in the week or two before.

Consider print display ads in Seattle mags: dailies, weeklies, monthlies.

Get listings in free print and online calendars. (We're already on some, and have been for 2 months)

Email ICs, friends on, org contacts and all informal elists.

Discuss Cascadia Day with Imagine Cascadia host team.

Mid-July: posters appear in key spots; start mailing news releases, contact media people we know, try to get pre-event stories.

Take photos - post to website, showing color and action, and people!

make a media kit, highlight site tours

ask all endorsers, sponsors and supporters to get the word out on their lists & calendars now. Spiff up email - html updates, reminders. Announce newly confirmed speakers, etc. Can we do a Cascadia Day? I propose it be Sun., Sept. 10. I'm looking into significance of sept 9 or 10 for historical reasons, to tie to event (natural or social) relevant to Cascadia bioregion. Syd welcomes ideas and help on this.

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