About the participant costs for the FIC Art of Community Event.

  • Full Admission Cost (No advance purchase): $60-75 (sliding scale)
  • Advanced Purchase (deadline is ??): $45-60 (sliding scale)
  • Mutual Aid Request: ?? Requester says how much they can pay and, thus how much is requested (Total = $45)
  • Mutual Aid Contribution: Registrant indicates how much they will add to fund to support people unable to pay within suggested sliding scale ranges.

Current plan is to charge separately for food

Some Comparable Community Events

  • 1998 Art of Community Willits, CA: $125-$150, with additional charges for housing and meals
  • 1999 Art of Community Cedar Rapids: $100-$150, with $50 for Student and Scholarship attendees - with additional charges for housing and meals
  • 2000 Community Day Dexter, OR (near Eugene):$75-$100 - one day event at Lost Valley, included lunch and dinner
  • 2001 Co-Opportunities Seattle, WA: free - at Seattle Center with no food or housing
  • 2001 Community & Sustainability at Earthaven Ecovillage - $160 whole weekend, $85 Sat only
  • 2005 Twin Oaks Conference: $85 – camping at Twin Oaks (potluck)
  • 2005 NICA Summer Gathering: $35 – camping at Try/on Farm (potuck + provided food)
  • 2005 FIC Org Meetings: $100 – staying in apartments at LA Ecovillage (restaurant meals, catered and provided food)

There may be scholarships or a sliding scale available. We don't want to exclude participants due to cost, but we don't want to hurt the event by just being a cheap get-away for all comers - we want participants who value the event's community focus.

Food and other out-of-pocket costs may be accounted for separately to help us manage incremental costs of additional participants. In other words, we may want to ask people who are receiving discounted admission to pay for the actual cost of their food.

There may be add-on options which cost more, for example, a community bus tour using a rented bus.

Some parts of the event might be provided free or for a low-cost entry fee. For example, one idea is to include a Community Faire which is about connecting people seeking community with communities and community resources.

If cash flow is an issue early in the event, we could consider early registration, with a discount. For example, until July 1, registration could be $20 less? This was done for past events, as indicated in the variation in costs outlined above.

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