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Event Planning Schedule

This is the overall event planning schedule where TO DO items are listed with their owners


  • Recruit Leadership Team Members: Existing Team Members
  • Research venues: Fred
  • Build wiki


  • Decide on event location(s): Fred
  • Start initial promotion to NW communities, potential cosponsors
  • Develop leadership team
  • Formulate cosponsorship package


  • Complete items planned for January
  • Create and submit advertisement for Spring CMag
  • Early confirmation of speakers (Laird, Geoff, Diana)
  • Initial event schedule


  • Get Art of Community page updated with whatever info is available and start keeping it up-to-date
  • Review need/recruit for additional Core Team members
  • Determine how financials will be handled
    • Bank account?
  • Draft initial marketing plan
  • Start advance PR and publicity
    • Hold the date email
    • Notices in publications with early deadlines
  • 8-Shields Model training
  • Secure venue
    • Determine whether Cascadia will work for us
    • Identify other options if not
  • Firm up event budget
    • Compensation model for paid labor
  • Close on Sponsorship Model
    • Levels
    • Benefits received
  • Event Identity - Logo
    • Select logo (requires FIC approval)
  • Report to FIC board
  • Determine online strategy, i.e. event website?
  • Determine deliverables associated with event
    • Program
    • Poster


  • Have a pre-registration system in place
  • Continue developing sponsor relationships


  • Continue developing sponsor relationships


  • Continue developing sponsor relationships


  • Continue developing sponsor relationships


  • Continue developing sponsor relationships


  • Continue developing sponsor relationships


  • Post-event follow-up with sponsors

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