FIC mailing list rental

The following is the 'standard' information on postal addresses. It is unclear whether it applies to a regional IC network or FIC partner interesting in acting as an LRC.

Standard Rates & Terms

The FIC charges 10¢ per address for direct one time rental of postal addresses. (The charge is higher to list brokers.) This price covers delivery of the list to the user by email. For printed labels mailed to the user there is a flat $10 additional charge.

We can provide any selection you desire based on geographic criteria including zipcode, locality name or radius from any locality. We can also select on FIC membership or Communities magazine subscription status, as well as recency of contact.

We do not ever rent, sell, or trade email addresses.


LRC Questions

  1. Is this policy appropriate for an LRC? If yes, then NICA would pay $.10 to use any name obtained from FIC on a one-time basis and would need to place an additional order to get that name again for a subsequent mailing.
  2. How does this relate to email notifications?

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