The Cast

  • Perkin as Ten Cents
  • Father Flump as Big Mac
  • Grandfather Flump as OJ
  • Mr Upperty (From Mr Man) as Top Hat
  • Mr Bump (From Mr Man) as Warrior
  • Uncle William as Hercules
  • Pootle as Sunshine
  • The Major of Trumpton (From Trumptonshire) as Captain Star
  • and more


  • Pootle - a New Flump Comes
  • Robbers - a Flump is Stealing Some Goods
  • Trapped - a Big Cloud Gets Stuck and Traps The Yellow Chicken Mr Upperty Pootle Father Flump and Grandfather Flump
  • Ghostsy Monsters - All The Flump Are Seeing Monsters At Night
  • High Winds - Diesel Comes and Makes Chief Wiesel's Assistant Do Some Favors For Him
  • Up Road - Pootle Gets Stuck in A Log Jam
  • Jinxed - Perkin and Pootle meet a Diesel Named BoCo
  • and more

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