Dynamic Functional Interactome Map (DFIM) for the Influenza Viral Polymerase

DFIM - up to 4D (space, time, abundance, activity) network of a viral-host protein interactions in a series of subprocesses in viral infection, replication, assembly and release. Proteomics data (discovery and functional) can provide an estimate of the 4D parameters, by subcellular localization (space), replication sequence at timepoints and with appropriate drugs/mutants (time), estimates of protein content by MS/biochemical data (abundance), and functional studies on interactions, post-translational processing, and effects of mutation/overexpression on viral replication (activity). Modeling and initial application to Influenza.

For original concept, authors, and references, see Bortz, E., et al., Cellular and Viral Factors Modulating Influenza Viral Polymerase Activity, presented 7 April 2007 for NIAID-CEIRS Site Visit to CRIP; and Molecular Mechanisms of Influenza Virus Replication, Viral Polymerase in REACTOME

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Public DFIM Discussion/Dataspace

Measuring Influenza Viral Polymerase Activity by Minigenome-Reporter Assays

Dataspace for influenza viral polymerase-host factor interactions (public).
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