Lost?... Displaced?... Looking for a temporary home?...

Here's a little game - hope it doesn't last too long!



Complete Adventurer

Complete Arcane

Complete Champion

Complete Mage

Complete Warrior

Dungeon Master's Guide

Dungeon Master's Guide II

Player's Guide to Forgotten Realms

Player's Handbook

Player's Handbook II

Spell Compendium

ABILITY SCORES 50 Points - DMG Point Buy OR 4d6, Re-roll 1's & 2's (Golem: !rerolltwos)

LEVEL 8th (30,000XP)

EQUIPMENT 30,000gp

RACES Any Template: Deific Vassal (To be appended to final PC)

ALIGNMENT No Chaotic Evil No Lawful Good


CAMPAIGN SYNOPSIS There exists within the farthest, most remote portion of Faerun, an immense object of equally immense power. For eons, this device has functioned without error, and largely, without any knowledge of its existence. Three weeks ago, something fell occured throughout the realms. First, vast hordes of creatures suddenly disappeared from Toril - No trace of their passing remained. Worse, storms and drought beset upon the world, ravishing the lands as never before, giving way to total destruction from mountains to shore of all but the most fortified city-states. Most devestating however, was the loss of magic by all but the chosen-few; mortals made into deific vassals for their waning gods.

At first, some heralded the events as the second coming of the Time of Troubles, and perhaps they're not entirely mistaken. Yet when Ao walked the earth with thunderous steps, realization that something far more sinister was at hand dawned upon the remaining masses of Faerun. It is the Coming of AO where this story begins - and unless the vassals of Deific Might can stem the nhilistic flow which seems to be uncreating things the world over - it may end too soon thereafter!

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