General Description of Test

A personality disorder test consisting of 55 questions.


Personality Disorder Test Results
<a href="">Paranoid</a> |||||| 26%
<a href="">Schizoid</a> |||||||||||||||||| 74%
<a href="">Schizotypal</a> |||||||||||||| 58%
<a href="">Antisocial</a> |||||||||| 34%
<a href="">Borderline</a> |||||||||||||||| 62%
<a href="">Histrionic</a> |||||||||||||||| 62%
<a href="">Narcissistic</a> |||| 14%
<a href="">Avoidant</a> |||||| 22%
<a href="">Dependent</a> |||||||||||||||| 62%
<a href=""> Obsessive-Compulsive</a> |||||||||| 38%
<a href=""> Take Free Personality Disorder Test</a>
<a href="">personality tests by</a>


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