This page is a translation.
 Please make editing and discussion on the frenglish version.

faWeb is a web version of freeAnalysis developed by BPM.

freeAnalysis.web is a web application, anybody with a browser can access to produce paper or spreadsheets reports from his or her own database.

Reports can be used for printout (pdf file), or for office processing (Excel file). Input data may comes from various data stores like standard SQL databases, XML files, Olap cubes...

Once the data read the user is presented with a list of measues (sales, cost, quatities,...) splited among various dimensions (time, country, customer, product type,...) which can be broken down in various aggregate level (year, month, day or market, company, individual customer).

The report is build by drag and drop, and mouses clics. And some charts may be added.

A internal definition of the report is kept so that the user can produce the same report a month or a weelk later, with no extra work.

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