Fabrizius lived in Oggen. The first thing Obuch saw of Fabrizius house was his garden door. It was a bright green colored door. He said that Fabrizius either loved his wife very much or he was a panter. When Obuch went to Fabrizius house a girl answered the door and he thought she was his wife but she was his daughter. Her name was Karlchen Fabrizius. Fabrizius has a dog named Mowgli who loved Obuch, when he sow him. Mowgli is a big Neufundlander. Fabrizius lets Obuch in the studio because Fabrizius thinks he wants to buy a panting. Fabrizius doesnt know that Tamara is dead yet, until Obuch tells him. Fabrizius tells Obuch that he needs a couple of hours to clear things up. He said that he would meet Obuch at the Seehund (a taveren)at 7:00p.m. sharp. Fabrizius did not show up at the taveren at all. Fabrizius ends up being dead.

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