1. Nick Jr. Face Takes Pictures (Just Ask! Version) (Before Just Ask!: Duck) 
  2. Nick Jr. Face Can't Stop Sneezing (After Just Ask!: Duck)
  3. Nick Jr. Face Has An Apple For A Nose (Nursery Rhymes Version) (Before Mary Had a Little Lamb)
  4. Nick Jr. Face Messes Up (Short Version) (After Mary Had a Little Lamb)
  5. Nick Jr. Face Watches Tennis Match (Dora the Explorer Version) (Before Dora Had A Little Lamb)
  6. Nick Jr. Face Wishes Us A Good Morning 2 (A Special Short Version) (Before Quackers & Woofy/After Dora Had A Little Lamb)
  7. Nick Jr. Face Hums (Short Version) (After Quackers and Woofy)
  8. Nick Jr. Face Says One, Two, Three, Four
  9. Nick Jr. Face Tells Knock Knock Jokes (UK Version) (Dora the Explorer Version) (Before Call Me, Mr. Riddles)
  10. Nick Jr. Face Counts Down to Muppet Time (Before Muppet Time: Baseball/After Call Me, Mr. Riddles and Talking Computer Mouse at Nick the Explorer)
  11. Nick Jr. Face Says Goodbye iIn Different Languages (After Muppet Time: Baseball)

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